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What is Catermate?

Catermate is a simple and convenient way to order classic, high-end, and/or heimish food and service from Kosher caterers you know, trust, and love. Order whatever you need to make your event easier – from single pans of food, to pre-set and customizable packages, to paper goods, to wait service, and more!

What hashgacha does Catermate use?

Currently, we are certified under Tarnopol Kashrus. Additionally, all packages are carefully double-sealed during delivery to ensure the utmost integrity of our Kashrus standards.

Are your prepared foods fleishig, milchig, or pareve?

Our packages are primarily fleishig and certified glatt kosher. All foods are cooked in a fleishig facility, and any pareve sides and salads sent along with a fleishig order have been prepared using fleishig keilim.


Packages labeled as pareve, such as some Bris packages, have been cooked and prepared in a pareve facility using pareve implements.

How do I place an order?

Browse through our preset package or individual product menus


 –Packages have been preset to include everything you need for a particular event, and are customizable, so you can skip what you don’t want, order extras, and more

Products are great if you’d like to just order some trays of food for your event, or if you’d like to customize every aspect of your package.


Add quantities of items you’d like to your cart.

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How soon can you deliver my order?

For next day delivery before 3pm : Please place your order by 11am. If you would like delivery during early morning hours, please be in touch with the team directly to confirm.

For next day delivery before 5pm: Please place your order by 3pm.


If you are placing your order after 3pm, and would like it delivered next-day, please reach out directly to our team by phone, live chat, or email to confirm.

Can I get my order today?

Yes. Many of our packages can be delivered same-day. These orders must be placed by 10am, and please reach out to our team by phone,  live chat, or email to confirm before ordering.

Is there a convenience delivery fee?


$35: Williamsburg – Borough park – Flatbush- Crown Heights

$45: All other neighborhoods in the 5 boroughs of NYC

$85: Monsey – Monroe – Lakewood- Catskills

How can I change or cancel my order?

Typically we start working on your order immediately. However, if you need to change something, call or chat directly on our website and we’ll try to accommodate you.